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My Trainer Carmen

"My Trainer Carmen" is a renowned A.C.E Certified Trainer with personalized training styles for women including Resistance Training, Calisthenics, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). She doesn't like sticking to one style because she thinks it’s important to keep the body guessing, always challenged, and of course for it to be FUN!

Meet Carmen's Mehndi Collection: As an ex-Art Teacher she loves fun and colorful patterns and designs with a special love for henna design and mehndi florals. Her favorite color is a shocking bright cobalt blue so that was immediately top priority in this mini collection! Four Athletics Designer, Katie Mae Harrington pinned down a fun floral pattern to feature subtly from the knee-down with an allover texture on the leggings for a fun and artistic detail. Just like her workouts, Carmen thinks activewear should be FUN fun fun! She hopes you enjoy these high waisted leggings in super soft and supportive fabric with no show-through. They will keep you cozy and dry all day, wear them with a cute sweater then head straight to the gym to burn some calories!

We are stoked to be working with My Trainer Carmen on her first collaboration with us! Check out the THREE awesome colors they come in:

Carmen: "Y’all already know how much I love blue! Well, in this first design the blue of the leggings is one of my absolute favorite shades of blue. It’s rich, bright, and universally flattering. The lining of the leggings is also blue, so when you squat, stretch, bend and snap (or whatever else you might do) the color won’t fade or get distorted. In this first option, where the base color is the ‘star of the show’, the pattern is just there to compliment and add a little fun!"



Carmen: "In my second design you’ll notice that the pattern takes center stage. The lining of these is are silver (which I love), making the leggings really shine, complimenting that gorgeous sea blue color and coming together for a really unique style. And check out that pattern POP!!! I just love how this combo really lets you see the details of that funky floral motif crawling up the legs. I also adore how these have #denimvibes allowing for so many styling options." 


 In the last design we went with a stellar almost-black for the perfect pair to wear day to night to the gym to happy hour!


All leggings are high-waisted for a flattering and supportive fit with a thick and soft material that makes you feel (and look) amaze. We know it’s hard to pick one pair, or two… good luck!

Carmen: "I want these leggings to make you LOOK and FEEL like the powerful, capable, strong woman (or man) that you are! I love wearing mine and I can’t wait to see how you style yours! I know y’all will be slaying them & giving me all kinds of #inspo & ideas."

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