The Most Important Thing We’ve Ever Done

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Leggings for You, Leggings for a Girl Rescued.
We have BIG news. Big news about a BIG problem.
We recently were introduced to Saving Innocence and heard them speak on the devastating issue of child sex trafficking. The question: “What can you do?” hit us like a ton of bricks. We desperately wanted to use all efforts we had in meeting their needs and ALL our profits in the name of this cause to go towards these children. We had to find a way to make a small dent in a big situation that is hiding in the darkness and spreading like a disease, and bring it to the light.

big problem sex trafficking

Saving Innocence’s vision is to end the commercial exploitation of children and restore the cultural values of innocence and human worth.

As we heard the staggering facts and heartbreaking stories, we knew we had to do something.

Our crowdfunding model and ambassador programs have shown us what you all, our community can do. So we’re using our resources -- our activewear line and YOU, our passionate and purpose-driven community -- to create some major change.


Thousand of children are sold for sex

  • Over 100,000 girls under 18 years old are bought and sold for sexual exploitation every year in America.
  • The average entry age for girls is 12 years old.
  • 70% of minors recruited into sex trafficking are from the foster care system.
  • The FBI estimates there are 900,000 predators online.
  • Once trafficked, a girl's life expectancy is 7 more years if not rescued.
  • Sex trafficking has grown at a rate of 35% a year since 2001, making it the fast growing crime in America.

It’s hard not to feel helpless when you read these facts. Child sex trafficking seems like such a faraway issue for most of us. The fact of the matter is that this is happening in many of our own neighborhoods.

Meet our new “Worthy of Love” leggings, designed specifically for Saving Innocence.


Whenever a pair of “Worthy of Love” leggings is purchased, we are donating a pair of our best-selling black ⅞ Omni leggings directly to Saving Innocence for a girl rescued.**

Each pair of donated leggings will be included in backpacks of clothing & toiletries given to rescued girls by Saving Innocence caseworkers that are on call 24/7 to meet girls right after being rescued, with only the clothes on their back to their name. You can learn more about their rescue efforts here.

The phrase on these leggings, “Worthy of Love” we hope hits you to the deepest of your core. We are all worthy of unconditional love, without strings and manipulation and abuse attached. These girls, robbed of innocence have not experienced the real definition of love. This is a small way to begin to show them we believe in them as they emerge from years of darkness and pain.

Use Your Voice & Spread the Word

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The more we can get people to talk and ask about it, the less darkness there is for this evil virus to hide in and grow in!

The way we can contagiously spread awareness and this cause is if you use YOUR voice in the fight against human trafficking.

You can do this by sharing this link. But PLEASE even more importantly, tag your friends, and ask them to join us in spreading and sharing this message. Click the buttons below to post on social media or send this directly to friends and family. Ask them to share, too. The more we shine a light on this dark issue, the faster it will come to an end.


We weren’t kidding when we said this is the most important thing we’ve ever done. Please help us support the amazing work of Saving Innocence and put an end to human trafficking.

These children need our help. LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD.

More about Saving Innocence:

We’ve partnered up with Saving Innocence, an amazing 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Los Angeles that focuses on saving child victims of sex trafficking. Their vision is to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children and restore the cultural values of innocence and human worth.

Each day, they work around the clock to rescue and restore child victims of sex trafficking.It’s incredible work and it’s saving lives. 


About Four Athletics:

We started Four Athletics because we believed the current retail model was out-dated, inefficient, wasteful, and ultimately too costly for the consumer. We also wanted to build a new kind of premium athletic wear company -- one that has community and social impact at its core.

Since launching two years ago, we’ve been fortunate to grow a community of supporters who share that same passion, and we recognize we have a unique opportunity to do things that are much bigger than making premium activewear.

**If we have the ‘good problem’ of too many leggings donated, your donation will become a cash value donation (cost of leggings) instead of an actual pair.