My Favorite

You know that one thing in your closet that you have had for years? The fit is perfect. The color, though fading slightly, is just too easy on the eyes. You have gotten more compliments in this than anything else you own. Wear it out, wear it in, it doesn’t matter because you love it! Yeah you know exactly what I am talking about.

For me it was this hand dyed indigo, pima cotton, shirt that I had worn in to a beautiful shade of ocean blue. The fit was prime – it made me look like I worked out more than I actually do (which is still a good amount).  The neck was a little looser fit to show some collar bone and help out with that 9 to 5 farmer’s tan I was constantly working on.  It seemed like everywhere I went people made a comment about the shirt and wanted to touch the fabric or know who made it.  It is a great feeling.  I thought I had found my favorite piece, but I was wrong.

When we started this company, we wanted to make the best product on the market.  We wanted to find the best materials, sew them up in the best factories we could find right here in the USA, and make sure that the end result was something we wanted to wear every day. At the time it seemed like a tall order, but I am happy to say that a lot of hard work has paid off.

You may think what I am about to say is biased (I assure you it is not), but I can promise you that my FAVORITE thing in my closet is the Men’s Alpha Pant. It is the first thing I put in my suitcase when I am traveling.  When I come home from work, I walk straight in my room and put them on.  When I get on an airplane, I put them on (I have literally changed into the Alpha Pant in the bathroom at the airport countless times. When I go skiing, I wear them under my snow pants. When I am done skiing the Alpha Pant becomes the perfect après garb – guys and girls alike ask me where I got them and what they are made out of. When I go camping, I lounge around the fire in them. After a long day of wakeboarding on the lake I throw them on and watch the sunset over the water.  No matter what I am doing or where I am going I bring my Alpha Pants. You get the picture right? 

If it just stopped there I hope that would be enough of a review to try them out.  But I can honestly tell you that I get more compliments and questions about my Alpha Pants than even my beautiful indigo shirt. And I can see why. We did what we set out to do.  We wanted to make the best product out there, so we poured ourselves into the design and fabrication. We tested and retested. We did so many iterations that our factory started to wonder if we were ever going to be satisfied. Eventually we were, and that is what is on the site now.

The good news is we spent the same amount of time and effort on every product we have released on the site.   It is one of the reasons we started with such a tight assortment of products.  We believe in every single one. 

For me, the Alpha Pant became my favorite. For you it might be the Omni Yoga Legging or the FitMe Racerback. We have gotten some incredible feedback from you, our community, and we can’t thank you enough for the encouragement.  Every time we hear your feedback it validates us.  It validates what we set out to do.  And it renews our passion to keep doing what we are doing.

If any of our products have become your favorite workout tights, travel pants, lounge shorts, whatever they may be, we want to know! Tell us what you love.  Tell us what you want to change. Tell us what you want us to make. We want you to be a part of this with us. What is your Alpha pant?  If it is one of ours, we would love to hear why! If it is not, we will do our best to make something even better so you can throw that old one out.

I am wearing my Alpha Pants as I write this. Get Some!